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Remote Learning with Jenni Sanchez

Jenni Sanchez graduated Eastside this March and started her first year at UC Davis last fall.

College has been very different from what I experienced in the last months of my senior year online. Two of my classes just have pre-recorded lectures, so I didn't attend live zoom meetings, and that had me confused and overwhelmed. I thought it would be harder to get my questions answered since I wouldn’t be able to see my professors. Although professors mainly discussed the syllabus and the topics we were going to be learning about during the first day, I was already experiencing the fast pace of the quarter system. After using my Google Calendar and allocating specific times for my classes, I felt a little better.

I am currently on campus in a dorm building dedicated to Chicanx students. This has helped me become aware of resources that are available to first-generation students and helped me get to know people who are going through a similar journey. The separation between home and college has allowed me to feel like I am achieving my dreams, although the experience is not quite how I expected it to be.

During times I feel stressed, I like to go outside and take a break from my work. Davis is a city filled with bikes, so I brought my own bike and have used it to explore the campus with my friends. This has served as a distraction from school and has allowed me to take small breaks. I have also woken up early to go on morning runs in order to feel energized for the day. Exercising, walking, and going on bike rides with people that mean a lot to me has been extremely beneficial and calming!

In order to not feel overwhelmed, I have a physical planner and Google Calendar. They help me be more organized and at peace with myself since I have outlined blocks to which I dedicate time to my assignments. I am also aware of the mental health services available on campus, so if I ever need them I will take advantage of them. I am overall very happy to be living on campus and getting to know some new people. This has been a new experience, but so far I have been able to adjust and learn from it. Living on campus has motivated me more and has allowed me to feel as if I am still getting the college experience.


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