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Scheduling Your Interview
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You might ask yourself, “Why do we need a whole section about how to schedule an interview and communicate with my contact at the organization?”


Because Eastside alumni often fail in this step.


Typical recruiting process:


You apply to a position. And then you wait, crossing your fingers, hoping that they ask you to interview. And you wait.


And you wait.


In a handful of instances they will reach out to you within a week. Most of the time, however, they will wait a very long time to get back to you. Sometimes, months. Yes, sometimes they will wait MONTHS before they invite you for an interview. Then they finally reach out to you, and they want to complete the interviews VERY QUICKLY. Oftentimes, they’ll want to schedule all the interviews and complete multiple rounds of interviews with all of the candidates within a week.


This is where our alumni fail. Eastside alumni typically work very hard on all of the other steps in the recruiting process: writing their resumes and cover letters, applying to jobs, networking and preparing for interviews.


However, there is a tendency for our alumni to become lackadaisical in the scheduling step.

This has caused numerous alumni to lose out on wonderful internship and full-time job opportunities.

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