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As first-gen students, we grow up believing that asking for help is a sign of weakness. That we should know all the answers otherwise we feel like "imposters." ​Asking for help is a sign of strength because it empowers us to take charge of our own narratives. And yes-- it helps us get better grades, too!

This section is designed to empower you to be the best student you can be!

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Campus Resources

Don't forget, your college also has so many resources available to you, and some of our most successful students regularly take advantage of them! Here's just a few examples of programs, advising, and facilities that you can make use of on campus:

Josue Corado student blurb pic.jpg
"On-campus resources not only helped me by providing me with resources, they also connected me with my community on campus!" 

Josue Corado '16

  • Peer Tutoring

  • Math & Science Resource Centers

  • Writing Tutors

  • Advising Center: drop-in hours, appointments

  • The Library

    • printing​

    • study spaces

    • textbook rentals

    • help with research papers & projects

      • did you know: librarians are trained with helping students find and cite the resources you need?

  • Affinity Centers (First-Gen or EOP Center, Queer Student Center, etc.)

    • these spaces often offer things like free printing, books, fridge space, and are generally open as a study space on campus!​

Don't forget, most schools offer accommodations like:

  • Note-taking for lecture courses

  • Testing accommodations

    • for example: extra time, separate rooms, etc.

  • Regular extensions on assignments

  • Priority registration

  • Reserved seating

If you need any help with finding or getting started with resources, reach out to your coach

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