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Check out our time management guide below or make sure to check out Vanessa Velasquez's video tutorial version at our Peer Resources library!

For students taking fully online, or asynchronous courses, we have a brand new worksheet available for download now! These are tips from our most recent webinar, co-hosted by Lizette Aceves '19 and Angela Lopez '20 and including insight and advice from the alumni who attended. Read for online time management solutions, quick hacks, and more resources and tools!


Think about time management in college as you would think about trying to fill a jar with rocks, pebbles, and sand. If you wanted to make sure you fit everything in, you would start with your heaviest and largest object-- the rocks! Next, you would fill the remaining spaces with the smaller pebbles. Finally, the tiniest objects--the grains of sand--will be able to fit into the remaining spaces!

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