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High School (Spring)
1. Submit Intent to Register  (May)
2. Eastside Graduation. YAY! (May)
3. Submit Housing Deposit (if living on-campus) (varies)
4. Submit Foothill transcript and AP Scores to your college (June)
5. Plan: should you take summer courses

7. Transition meeting with college coach (June)
8. Register for orientation (varies)
9. Pre-orientation & course registration with college coach 

Read ahead for academic planning

10. Career kick-off with career coach (summer) 
11. Post-orientation meeting with college coach (summer)
12. Budget meeting with college coach (summer) 

Read ahead for budgeting


13. Make sure your bill is paid! (start of Fall)
14. Check-in with college coach throughout the term
15. Add/Drop Period
(usually two weeks after courses start)
16. Reflect on your time management routine (September)
17. Prep for midterm season! (October) 
18. Plan for spring/winter registration

set-up meeting with coach

set-up meeting with college advisor

check portal for registration timeline

19. Prep for finals season! (December) 
20. Sign-up for your winter check-in (winter break)

21. Start your FAFSA (winter break)


22. Apply to outside scholarships (starting in January)

23. Start registration planning for spring quarter (Feb)
24. FAFSA priority deadline for next year (March)
25: Reflect on your planned major to discuss with coach
26: Review your
degree audit after final grades (summer)
27. Schedule your summer check-in's (summer)

It's time to get ready for your next adventure! Just like a game, everyone's college journey will look different, but you can expect to reach the same milestones. Here's our game manual to help you get started on your first year.

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