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Handling Offers

After you receive an offer

  • Congratulate yourself! Take time to acknowledge the good news!

  • Contact your Eastside Career Coach and they will help you through the final steps of this process.

  • Respond to the company. Let them know that you received the offer and make sure to respond to any emails/voicemails. Companies WILL rescind a job offer if you take too long to respond. Many will tell you when you need to decide by, but some won’t, so be sure to ask.


The job search process is not like the school application process.

Students sometimes make the mistake of treating the job search like the college application process. They expect to be able to apply to all of the opportunities at the same time, wait for everyone to get back to them, and then make a final decision based on all of the responses. Unfortunately, the job search isn’t like that. Organizations all act on their own timelines. Some might recruit in October, others in May. You may have to make a decision without having heard back from everyone. Your Eastside Career Coach can help you try to maximize information and think through your options.

  • Resumes
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  • Cover Letters
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  • Portfolios
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  • LinkedIn
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